Supra Range

Monospot Lasers Range577nm, 532nm, 810nm, et Combo 532/810nmRetinal Photocoagulation

  • 3 wavelength options: 532nm, 577nm, 810nm
  • Optional MicroPulse® emission mode
  • Optional multispot emission mode (532nm or 577nm wavelength)


Monospot Photocoagulator Platform

A historical pioneer with solid-state laser technology, Quantel Medical offers a complete range of monospot lasers in order to best meet the needs of today's ophthalmologists.

Green 532 nm

  • Power Level: 3W
  • Laser ports: 2
  • Supra Scan compatible
  • MicroPulse® Mode (option)

Twin 532/660 nm

  • Power Levels: 3 W - 700 mW
  • Laser ports: 2 – 1
  • Supra Scan compatible (532 nm only)
  • MicroPulse® Mode (option)

Twin 532/810 nm

  • Power Levels: 3W - 3W
  • Laser ports: 2 - 1
  • Supra Scan compatible (532 nm only)
  • MicroPulse® Mode (option)

Yellow 577 nm

  • Power Level: 2W
  • Laser ports: 1
  • Supra Scan compatible
  • MicroPulse® Mode

Infrared 810 nm

  • Power Levels: 3 W
  • Laser ports:  1
  • Supra Scan compatible (532 nm only)

Take Advantage of Quantel Medical’s Know-How Right Away

Our Supra Laser range offers :

  • Extremely reliable laser cavities
  • Control of the laser settings thanks to the Advanced Gentle Footswitch
  • Fully transportable lasers

Dual Independent 532 nm Green Fiber Ports

The ability to quickly select and switch between delivery systems

Optional Wavelength: SUPRA TWIN

High powered green with the capabilities of adding either 810 nm (infrared) or 660 (red)

Ideal 577nm Yellow Wavelength

Compared to the commonly used 532nm green laser, the 577nm wavelength allows improved treatment efficeincy:

  • Use of lower power settings
  • More homogeneous treatment through cataracts
  • Safer treatment adjacent to the macula

Intelligent Foot-Switch GentleFootTM :
designed for your foot, perfect for your hands

Control all the laser parameters with the touch of your foot.


Illuminated for an easy location

No need to stop the treatment procedure to modify the laser parameters.

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