Compact Touch NEW

3 in 1 Ultrasound System

A/B scan and Pachymetry

Unparalleled image quality for posterior pole and anterior segment diagnosis:

  • New 15 MHz Probe generation
  • Ultra-compact A/B/P ultrasound system
  • DICOM and EMR compatible


Compact Touch's trolley with arm kit gives perfect working conditions and comfort when operating the Compact Touch. The trolley may be moved to different areas and gives a good flexibility. 

EMR and DICOM compatible

B Mode examination at 10 and 20 MHz

Management of patients with trauma, uveitis, vitreoretinal disorders and differentiation of intraocular tumors


  • Management of anterior chamber disorders
  • Analysis and Diagnosis of glaucoma


  • Precise and fast A-Scan acquisition
  • Unique scleral spike recognition allowing automatic discrimination of misleading scans
  • Contact and immersion acquisition
  • Unique biometry in B mode feature with automatic A-Scan acquisition and transfer from a B mode image

Image quality first

Aviso A/B delivers high resolution digital imaging. Its high signal to noise ratio helps differentiate the finest structures at all frequencies.

Easy to use

Examination is fast and easy using the Aviso software via touchscreen remote or the computer terminal.

Wide range of probes

Flagship ultrasound system from Quantel Medical, Aviso offers a large choice of probe frequencies to cover a wide range of applications:

  • 10MHz -> Easy visualization of the entire globe
  • 20MHz -> Increased resolution in the posterior pole for retina diagnosis
  • 25MHz -> Linear scanning probe for anterior segment visualization
  • 50MHz -> Linear UBM probe for glaucoma diagnosis

Image quality first

  • Aviso A/B delivers high resolution digital imaging. Its high signal to noise ratio helps differentiate the finest structures at all frequencies.
  • The unique accoustic zoom technology maintains the native image resolution when zooming in at 10 and 20 MHz

Powerful and user friendly interface

  • Whether with the Aviso A/B unique touchscreen remote or the computer terminal the examination is fast and easy:
  • Seamless workflow for scan performing, viewing and editing,
  • Eye diagram for easy probe labelling. Allows quicker and easier scan identification and interpretation,
  • Unlimited number of scans per session
  • High performance post processing image tools such as measurement calipers, area, and markers for precise quantification
  • Still images and video always accessible for direct editing and analyzing
  • Automatic video recording of the last 40 seconds of examination for best scan selection and kinetic diagnosis

Full screen viewing of A & B scans

Various filters for tissue differentiation in B mode at all frequencies,

Customizable multiple choice database search criteria.

Quantel Medical's proprietary magnetic probe technology

Quantel Medical develops and manufactures all B probes commercialized with its ultrasound units.

All probes use the electromagnetic field technology to control the transducer movement. This unique technology ensures a faster scanning process and increased image resolution. This technology allows a higher comfort of use with less vibration and a probe lighter in weight.

For UBM probes, Quantel Medical was the first company to introduce the linear technology. Linear scanning offers the greatest signal intensity, providing superior anterior chamber image quality as the probe is always perpendicular with the tissue interface of interest.

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