The entire eye is now visible with an exceptional level of detail.

20MHZ Probe

New annular technology with 5 rings. Outstanding depth of field that allows simultaneous visualization from the vitreous to the wall with a very high resolution. Biometry in B-mode.

UBM 50MHZ Probe

Anterior chamber analysis, including structures behind the iris, up to the posterior capsule of the lens.

Standardized Probe

The S mode allows for diagnosis of tumor lesions, diagnosis of retinal/vitreous membrane detachment, diagnosis of Graves’ disease.


  •  Increased depth of field allowing the visualization of the entire eye
  • Outstanding resolution from the anterior part of the vitreous to the wall
  • New UBM imaging technology allowing different imaging modes.
  • Motion sensor allowing to locate the ultrasound beam in real time in the ocular diagram.
  • Intuitive and user friendly software for a better navigation experience.

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