Vitra Monospot

Smallest 532 nm Photocoagulator of the Market

Vitra Monospot is a reliable, portable and lightweight green 532 nm photocoagulator laser answering all the ophthalmologists’ needs, from doctor’s office to operating room.


40 years of laser expertise allowed Quantel Medical to design an extremely reliable cavity.

Ease of Use

Thanks to its easy-to-use touch screen interface, all laser’s parameters can be programmed and saved.

The foot pedal has been designed to control all the laser settings with the touch of your foot.

Smallest 532 nm Photocoagulator of the Market

  • A very lightweight photocoagulator (4.7 Kg). 
  •  A transportable laser thanks to its optional carrying case

Operating Room Reference Laser

Perfectly sized for use in the operating theatre.

Intelligent Foot-Switch GentleFootTM : designed for your foot, perfect for your hands

Control all the laser parameters with the touch of your foot.


Illuminated for an easy location

No need to stop the treatment procedure to modify the laser parameters.

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