Optimis Fusion

Next Generation SLT/YAG Laser
Integrated SLT/YAG Platform

  • Advanced technology: dual-mode laser cavity, 532nm and 1064nm
  • Premium Optics: optimized for viewing the anterior and posterior segments
  • Blue-free illumination for improved visibility
  • Advanced design: small footprint for two powerful technologies


LED Illumination source

  • Sharp, bright and homogeneous illumination
  • Blue free color

Advanced SLT/YAG Technologies

  • Highly efficient, powerful and reliable
  • Dual-mode laser cavity, optimized to produce two wavelengths from one single cavity

Premium Convergent Optics

  • Optimized for viewing the anterior and posterior segment
  • Convergent optical path

Advanced Design

Optimis Fusion is an integrated, compact and all-in-one design platform offering:

  • The possibility to easily switch from SLT to YAG mode
  • A small footprint for two powerful technologies
  • Easily combines with a Quantel Medical green laser

    SLT Laser Therapy

    Gentle Laser Delivery

    No Thermal Damage. Repeatable.

    Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is a proven therapy supported by more than 10 years of clinical data. SLT targets melanin-rich cells which absorb the laser energy to induce a healing response that begins to restore the function of the trabecular meshwork.

    The laser energy is delivered in short, fixed pulses over a large, homogeneous spot size, resulting in no thermal damage. Due to the gentle delivery and no permanent destruction to the trabecular meshwork, SLT leaves the structures intact and can be repeated if necessary.

    Designed by RTEAM