Axis Nano

The Ultrasound Biometer
Biometry and IOL Calculation

  • Precision A-scan and IOL calculation
  • Portable and EMR compatible


Unlimited data storage

Axis NanoTM operates from a notebook under Windows environment and benefits from the power computer technology.

Precision in A-Scan and IOL calculation

Axis NanoTM is the a high precision A scan system able to measure all eye types and integrating the latest IOL calculation formulae.

Small in size, huge in performance

Smallest biometer in its category, Axis NanoTM is easy to transport to wherever it’s needed.

Axis NanoTM incorporates characteristics that provide high accuracy in axial length measurement and IOL calculation and set the standards of

EMR compatible

Transfer and storage is made possible to compatible software thanks to the EMR function.

Axis NanoTM adapts to new practice standards and information transfer requirements

Precision in A-scan and IOL calculation

Ultrasound biometry remains the only technology that allows measurements in all eye types including when dense cataract is present.

Accuracy is guaranteed thanks to a high signal-to-noise ratio emitter/receiver and adjusted velocities per segment and eye types.

Additionally, the scleral echo discrimination automatically eliminates optic nerve scans.

Together with the contact technique, immersion biometry is also available to avoid any compression of the anterior chamber.

The IOL calculation function allows comparison between different IOL types and calculation formulae:

  • 6 formulas for standard IOL calculation
  • 6 formulas for post-refractive surgery IOL calculation

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