Pocket II

Pachymetry for Glaucoma Screening and Refractive Surgery

Glaucoma Screening and Refractive Surgery

  • Fast and precise (+/- 5 microns)
  • Hand-held pachymeter


Perfect for glaucoma screening

Pachymetry has proven to be an essential tool in predicting glaucoma progression and helping patients management.

Pocket IITM allows for a quick and reliable measurement of the central corneal thickness thanks to its 20 MHz probe.

Intuitive software

Designed with the ease of use in mind, Pocket IITM provides accurate and consistent measurements to multiple users.

Pocket IITM records automatically up to 10 measurements and displays the average and standard deviation.

For refractive surgery, several measuring modes and corneal maps are available.

Weighing only 450 gr (16 oz), Pocket IITM fits into a lab coat pocket and can be taken around wherever it is needed.

Designed by RTEAM