Ocular surface analyser

  • Complete and quick diagnostic to identify the origin of dry eye
  • 4 non-contact exams complying with the criteria of the TFOS - DEWS 2 report: 
  • Interferometry
  • Tear meniscus heigth
  • Meibography
  • Additional exams: blepharitis and demodex imaging, bulbar redness, staining (corneal, conjunctiva and lid margin), pupillometry, white to white measurement, corneal deformation.

Clinical benefits:  

Diagnose the cause of dry eye earlier

Offer patients personalised and effective treatment from the first visit

Provide evidence of diagnosis and treatment results

Optimise post-surgery results (refractive, cataract)

Optimise the comfort of contact lens wearer

NIBUT (Non invasive Break up) Non invasive evaluation of the tear film stability on the cornea

Interferometry - Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the lipid layer

Tear meniscus - Quantitative analysis of the aqueous layer

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